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Why Isarmatrose? Since remarks (and questions) about my pseudonym increase, I solve this previous mystery of humankind once. Long before I lived at the Isar river in Munich, German politics was enriched by maritime terms, and it was, for me at least, necessary to have a pseudonym in this internet. I heard the term “Isarmatrose” (Isar river sailor) in an episode of the A-Team.

George Peppard, who played Hannibal in the TV series, was dubbed by Hermann Ebeling. On German television, it is customary not to translate 1:1 and to Germanize the dialogues somewhat. Sometimes the series profit from it, sometimes not. Here it was a rare stroke of luck for me. The crucial scene is right at the beginning of the episode “Pros and Cons” ( S01E04, starting 07:37) and I don’t know the original dialogue, but I think Ebeling’s version is just great.

Hannibal, a master of disguise and B-movie actor, plays his agent and tries to get himself a role in the (of course fictitious) movie “Sindbad geht nach München” (Sindbad goes to Munich) as an Isarmatrose, an Isar river sailor, by talking to a producer. That somehow got stuck, and even though I come from the Elbe and “Elbpirat” (Elbe river pirate) sounds good, I’m glad I didn’t choose this pseudonym. For reasons.