COWORK 2020: Virtual BarCamp on 25 April

It was tough for us as the organizing team to cancel the COWORK 2020 planned for the last weekend in April in Erfurt. This one weekend a year is, for most of us, the highlight of the coworking calendar. This is where the German-speaking coworking scene comes together to exchange ideas, learn from each other, and inspire each other.

Meeting face to face is the most original form of social interaction. We humans only find ourselves through interaction with others. It is, therefore, essential to meet other people and get to know the common ground. In this way, we learn about others and also about ourselves. Therefore, a COWORK is always an emotional experience.

Since the cancellation, we people from the German Coworking Federation (GCF) have exchanged ideas about what we can offer instead. We decided to organize the core of every COWORK, the BarCamp, as a virtual event. We were inspired to do so by the positive experiences of the virtual BarCamp Neckar-Alb at the end of March.

At the moment, we are consulting with the makers behind the BarCamp Neckar-Alb and the Netz & Work Community about their experiences in organizing and implementing a virtual BarCamp. In the next few days, we will inform you on the GCF social media channels and the event site about how you can get involved in COWORK 2020.

If you would like to register for the event now, you can do so here. ❤️

Header Image: Tobias Kremkau, Mannheim 2019