1 year of »Kremkaus Links«

A year ago, I started the Telegram channel »Kremkaus Links.« The goal was to stay up to date on the topic by sharing articles about coworking during my almost one year of parental leave. And also, at the same time, an incentive to keep it up in a disciplined way.

And this with success, because today the channel is already one year old. Over the past 365 days, I’ve been sharing and commenting on coworking articles almost daily. This morning I posted the 488th link. The topic was also booming due to Corona.

I can’t keep track of how many posts I’ve posted this year. Telegram offers few statistics. Probably it was around 300. Working on »Kremkaus Links« has become a regular part of my daily routine.

In the beginning, I worked
mainly on mobile.

I chose Telegram as a messenger for this project because the app is easy to use. No algorithm influences the visibility of the posts. There is also an open web view for anyone who doesn’t want to sign up for Telegram.

For the first few months, I wrote almost all of my posts on walks when I drove my then still very much sleeping child around our neighborhood. I operated the app with one hand while pushing the stroller.

In the meantime, I write the posts more and more often on my laptop. On the one hand, because the number of articles about coworking has increased. For another, to make it even easier to use the formatting options in the Telegram app. That’s where I’m an aesthete.

As sources, I set up a Google Alert and search Google News daily for the terms ›coworking‹ and ›co-working.‹ Recently, on recommendation, I’ve also been researching these terms in the GENIOS database.

The impact is more important
to me than the reach.

Running the channel is something I do on the side, without much pressure, but with a lot of fun. In the meantime, however, the number of subscribers has increased – 281 people today – and the channel’s perception.

Although 281 people who have subscribed to the channel are only a fraction of the followers I have on other platforms (e.g., Twitter: 6,575), I keep experiencing that the channel has the most significant impact.

People talk to me regularly about the channel. Anyone involved in coworking in Germany gets the channel recommended as a source of knowledge. In the meantime, I am also asked to share job postings and event information through it.

In the summer, a persona workshop of coworking experts attributed the characteristic »reads ›Kremkaus Links‹ on Telegram every morning« to a defined persona. The channel is well-known in the German coworking scene.

What’s next for the
Telegram channel?

My parental leave ends soon, and I will then work full-time again. However, I will continue to make time for the channel. So I will continue it unchanged as best I can. How that works out, next to my family and my work, we’ll see.

In the Telegram channel, I do not see any potential to develop it further so far. If anyone has any ideas, I would appreciate a tip. Right now, I’m thinking about a podcast or videocast as the next stage of “Kremkau’s Links.”

One more thing: Writing this post has felt like a small celebration of a milestone, especially in these times of isolation, where we are limited due to the pandemic situation, a lovely and vital feeling.

An old Berlin is saying: celebrate the festivals as they fall. That is the fine art.