With joy, I realize I’m still blogging.

In March I was able to blog a bit more again. Since I didn’t get a chance to blog all February, I think it was a small success. I was able to take the momentum from January, when I was on vacation, with me.

At the moment I am preparing an editorial plan with articles and interviews, which I will implement from May. Some things are even finished. If it works the way I want it to, my blog will regularly publish new content until mid-December.

I blog primarily for myself and enjoy when others can benefit from it, but recently I received many compliments. That was very good. At COWORK 2019 several people approached me about my blog and told me what it meant to them.

Finally, my blog was mentioned more and more often when someone wrote something about me or recommended me somewhere. The blog belongs to me and seems to become a trademark. All these experiences encourage me to decide to write more again.

Many thanks to all who have awarded me well and also to the people who read this blog quietly. That means a lot to me. Thank you.

Header Image: Katharina-Franziska Kremkau, Dublin 2019