From the blogosphere: Now page

At the beginning of this year, I started blogging again. But first I had to clean up my blog I deleted a few things and renewed other things. After about three years of “absence” from my blog I researched what the cool kids put on their blogs today. I came across the so-called “now page.” This was new to me, but I immediately liked the idea behind it.

You know and understand the About page. The Now page has a similar function. It doesn’t inform about who is writing here, but what this person is doing at the moment. This doesn’t mean status messages like Facebook or Twitter. It’s about showing people who are interested in you what you’re currently focused on. My first message on is therefore about the relaunch of this blog.

With the Now page the bigger picture is conveyed. On some of these Now messages are collected, and the concept is explained in more detail. Browsing through the profiles published there gives you a nostalgic feeling. On the one hand because of the design of the site. On the other side because of the people whose profiles can be seen there. It doesn’t feel as superficial as LinkedIn and not as meaningless as Instagram. It feels real (again).

Almost like before, when there were only blogs and no influencers at beaches and pools. I like Instagram myself, use it every day, but I lack more insights into real life. Frank Kreitner’s blog, which also inspired me to restart, is such a blog. And by Thomas Engst for example (both blogs are in German). As well as the Tumblr of an anonymous shift supervisor at a coffee chain store in the USA. Pure blog gold.

Header Image: frankspandl