Box Wants to Become Key Platform for Business World

At this year’s BoxWorks, a new Box was presented which wants to further change the future of the working world and probably also will. The new Box allows users the optimized administration and joint usage of files from one central location. This might not sound revolutionary but about 66,000 companies around the world, including more than one third of the top 500 highest-turnover companies of the world, already use Box for their corporate content.

By virtue of anecdotes, most likely every one of us has heard how acquaintances of ours have circumvented bans of the IT departments in order to work better together. Even if it just means that teams secretly use WhatsApp or send each other larger files via Dropbox – plainly because the own company does not offer comparable solutions. The new Box addresses exactly this and enables companies to offer better services to its employees.

The new box is fast: 30 percent faster page load and a five-times higher upload speed. And that even when presenting certain file types such as 3D objects, pictures, videos in 360-degree view or HD videos. Teams can work on documents directly in box without having to open native applications externally. They have access to all their notes from one location and can also make notes offline, which will then later be synchronized.

Box Changes the Digital Work Environment of Corporates

„Business today demands enterprises be more connected, collaborative and faster moving than ever before,” said Box CEO Aaron Levie.

With yesterday’s announcement of the Box Relay starting this year, the cloud provider Box has already given a glimpse into the intensity with which the company from Redwood City will change the work environment of corporates in the future. The Box Relay, which was developed together with IBM, enables employees of corporates to develop and maintain automated work flows. The new box will even go much further.

With help of Box Notes, teams can now also collaborate in real-time. Thanks to the improved handling of files, searching for and the joint use of content is now also easier. The new Box enables companies to centrally save critical business content on only one platform in order to make it available for editing by employees, and that without using single solutions for the synchronization and transfer of files through third-parties.

Business today demands enterprises be more connected, collaborative and faster moving than ever before,” said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box. „The all new Box is where all your work comes together – whether you’re sharing information with partners, collaborating with teammates in real-time, or automating processes and routine tasks. With the all new Box, it’s easy to focus on doing your best work.

New Special Features for Company Employees

A chat tool is already very well-known from other services such as Evernote, Microsoft OneNote or Google Drive. This is where Box was inspired. Also when it comes to the search. This makes sense because previously box was mainly a service for the IT department of a company. Now with the individual employees, they are tapping into a completely new target audience. The employees now do not need to leave the secure platform of their company anymore.

This does not only improve the security of safety-related data of a company, but it also increases the productivity through the focus on collaborative team work. On the other hand, one becomes more attractive for current and future employees. People who are used to chat with friends or share pictures via WhatsApp on their iPhones while being out and about will not develop an understanding for their employer who is senselessly opposed to it.

The all new Box internet experience is available from today for users without extra charge, if you sign up for it. The new Box notes internet experiences will be available to all users this fall and the new Box notes desktop application this winter. Both are available without extra charges. The beta version of Box Relay is supposed to be released in the 4th quarter, while the release for all is planned for the first half of next year. Box Relay will be available for box company users for an additional charge.

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