Some Thoughts About Daily Tickets In Coworking Spaces

When I show the visitors the two coworking spaces in St. Oberholz I explain them every time that we do not lease out workplaces or office space. People, who work in St. Oberholz, pay the membership fee in order to get access and be part of our community.

The advantages of the membership can be seen after some period of time, when the people immerse themselves in the community and actively participate. This is why most of the coworking spaces do not offer daily or weekly tickets. St. Oberholz also did not have such offers until now.

Before, we recommended all people that were interested to do their telework from one of our cafés. For just spending the money on the outstanding coffee, one can surf the WIFI-internet as well as charge their batteries. How people take advantage of this offer can be seen day by day.

Coworking has it roots in the coffee shop culture.

Nevertheless, there are also people who want more than WIFI and electricity. New forms of working make it possible to even stronger pursue the profession independently from the place of work. These people need a place where they feel at ease and where they can focus on their work.

With our new offer of daily tickes for our coworking space in Zehdenicker Straße 1, we react according to this development as well as the newly formed community, which despite of the mobility wants to be a part of St. Oberholz. And even if it is only for having one perfect day.

Our daily ticket makes it possible to work in our coworking space like all other people from the community from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Besides WIFI and the electricity, furthermore printing, the telephone box as well as the consumption of coffee, tea and water from our coworking kitchen is included in the price.

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