Hello Berlin!

This year, Netzpiloten.de became full-aged. Time to leave home and break new ground. Like many young contemporaries, we strive for Berlin. After one year of planning, we want to begin a new chapter of the Netzpiloten-story next year and give the local blogosphere a physical space where they can meet, connect, develop and cooperate with each other.

One word: Serendipity

In 1492, Christopher Columbus did not discover the Western seaway to India, but something he did not actually look for: America. This seafarer had the luck to have bad luck and be rewarded with an unexpected discovery. Serendipity means the phenomenon to make discoveries and gain knowledge one did not seek.

Over 500 years later, we Netzpiloten also want to break new ground with the same spirit of discovery. We call it cojournalism. We do not yet know what this will mean. In spring 2016, we will open our first Blogger Lounge in Berlin. Here, we create workplaces around our new editorial team. We dedicate these workplaces to the most creative actors of the Internet. Without conditions, without pressure.

Others will discover other things here. At a historic place of work, we start a new kind of work – creative, random, together and open. We believe that the phenomenon of serendipity – known from coworking – will make for us, who are in this room, to work together. We will discover things we did not look for. For us, it will be the future of journalism. This will change a lot, we will change.

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Blogger Lounge

Our blogger lounge will be the centerpiece of an event space of more than 700 square meters in the heart of Berlin-Wedding. Here, on the area of this still very impressive industrial plant, which was built by the electrical company AEG between 1895 and 1941, we want to strike out on our own in terms of work, journalism and collaboration in the former Neue Fabrik für Bahnmaterial.

This place has been this before. It is not only exciting what we will do in the blogger lounge, but also what is physically situated right below it: Under the part of Voltastraße that is between Jasmunder Straße and Hussitenstraße, that is right in front of our window, there is the so-called Versuchtstunnel, in which an electric train ran underground between two parts of the enterprise of AEG starting 1895. This Versuchstunnel is considered to be the first subway in Berlin.

Our new Berlin home is still a gem of 20th century’s architectural history and stony witness of a general change in industrial architecture. The factory halls, built by Peter Behrens in red bricks and bluish shimmering iron clinker as of 1910, were once the largest ones in Berlin. Whoever visits our blogger lounge, will thus experience a piece of history at first, before he or she gets a glimpse at the future of working at our place.

We look forward to all that will happen here.

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A new place for something new

Digitalization is a process that reorganizes our society, but – like all beings – this state is not static, but must always be re-captured dynamically as a constant change. Thus, we are happy that we do not have to perform this change alone.

Besides our blogger lounge, friends of ours will also move into the hall and we will create an event space, which will be available to the whole city. Symposia, barcamps, presentations, workshops, discussion groups, concerts – everything will be possible here. The blogger lounge is supposed to be a place of openness, collaboration, serendipity and of dynamic change.

2016 can come. At least, we are almost there and look forward to Berlin, our blogger lounge and whatever may be ahead of us.

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