Why doesn’t Google do more with Google News?

Yesterday I did a presentation about Google services and how you can use them in your daily work. I didn’t talk about Google News even if I’m kind of a media junkie. For reasons that probably don’t have to be explained. The service hasn’t changed for years (disregard of small changes here in Germany caused by the so-called ancillary copyright for press publishers).

On GigaOm, Matthew Ingram writes about a presentation by George Kvasnikovthat involves a wholesale redesign and re-thinking of what Google News is and does” (Thank you for tweeting the article, @daviidstreit). Ingram is so impressed by the alternative version that he asks himself in the article why Google doesn’t do more with Google News. In the last paragraph he gives a possible answer which is really interesting:

The other thing I have heard is that Google News, like many other aspects of Google, is run by engineers and product managers, not by journalists — and so any feature additions or redesigns have to be sold to engineers first, and they aren’t especially interested in touchy-feely things like highlighting alternative perspectives or embracing user-generated content.

Will Google change this in the future? And why there is no other competitior? I get why is there no news aggregator in an anti-progressive country like Germany, but why is there no alternative in the rest of the English-speaking world? Or did I miss one? Please answer on Twitter, commenting my tweet.

As I’m no native English speaker this blogpost is also a writing exercise to improve my English skills. Please be aware of that in your comments. Thank you.

Image by Spencer E. Holtaway (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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