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Medienkritik: Warum WeWork & Co. keine Coworking Spaces sind

Zurzeit kann ich ohne einen AdBlocker nahezu kein deutsches Medienangebot aufrufen, ohne eine Anzeige von Mindspace zu sehen, die mich darüber informiert, dass die aus Tel-Aviv stammende Firma Mindspace bald Coworking Spaces in Berlin und Hamburg eröffnet. Read more

When you are in Gdańsk…

…try to talk to some people.

Today I read that the Polish foreign minister Witold Waszczykowski said that he thinks the world don’t have to be a “a mix of culture and race, a world of cyclist and vegetarians, of people who focus on renewable energy and are against any form of religion”. For him, “this has nothing to do traditional Polish values”. He couldn’t be more wrong.

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Hello Berlin!

This year, became full-aged. Time to leave home and break new ground. Like many young contemporaries, we strive for Berlin. After one year of planning, we want to begin a new chapter of the Netzpiloten-story next year and give the local blogosphere a physical space where they can meet, connect, develop and cooperate with each other.

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ITAF’s curator Juha van Ingen: Teletext is quite a unique medium

Today starts the International Teletext Art Festival (13.08.-13.09.2015). I spoke to Juha van Ingen, who is the curator of this years festival, about the thrill of teletext art and how something that started as a joke turned into serious media archaeological work. Read more

Arts and the city: Le Voyage à Nantes

Right now Kati and I are in Nantes, while the city’s art project “Le Voyage à Nantes“ takes place until August 20th. That’s why we see a lot of very cool installation here in the city. Those four pictures show you just some examples of what I am talking about:

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Hooke CEO Anthony Mattana: “I just want people to care about sound”

In June, I went to the MIDEM. There I met Anthony Mattana, founder and CEO of Hooke Audio, an US startup that wants to be a “GoPro for sound”. On Kickstarter he collected more than 163,000 US Dollar for that idea. Anthony, who took part at the Midemlab startup pitch, explained me how his 3D audio recording earplugs work and why not only I will be a big fan of to capture sound the same way my ears capture sound around me. Read more

Until now there is only one Slack client for Windows Phone, and it’s French!

Sometimes things develop faster than anticipated. When I reached out to Florian Rousselet for an interview about his Slack client for Windows Phone, I had the information that Slack would need more time to come up with something of their own. Last Wednesday they tweeted me that they had “uncovered some performance issues in their previous approach“. This was more than nine months after the first tweet mentioned that they will be a Slack app for Windows Phone. Read more

Drivy’s Spain Country Manager Jaume Suñol: “Spain is interested in the collaborative economy”

Last week Katis’s and mine coworking travel brought us to Barcelona, just in time to be eyewitnesses of peer-to-peer car rental startup Drivy‘s launch in Spain. We took the chance to talk with Drivy’s Spain Country Manager Jaume Suñol about the launch, the collaborative economy and why I only meeting Drivy officials in coworking spaces. Read more

MIDEM Director Bruno Crolot: Streaming is key in music

On Friday Midem starts in Cannes and I am really looking forward to it. Not only because Cannes in June is awesone (and summer not yet here in Berlin) but also Midem is THE yearly international music exhibition, conference and festival dedicated to the global music community. To get in the mood for this year’s event, I took the chance to do an interview with Midem director Bruno Crolot about this year’s topics (on you can find the full interview in German): Read more

Evernote’s VP Linda Kozlowski: “The idea of work has changed”

Some four years ago, I started using Evernote. The company was there for more than three years and it seemed to be a very simple note app. That was all I needed. What was different was the design. Evernote is imho a very beautiful app. That’s why I recommended it very often when people asked me about must-have apps (at that time I was an app review writer at In all that years I haven’t stopped using Evernote for two main reasons: First, for several time there were no Android app of the hyped Berlin startup Wunderkind, and second, Evernote fitted really well in every new job I had. And it seems so that the last called point was with purpose. “Evernote is where we want you to start and end your day“, said Linda Kozlowski, vice president of worldwide operations at Evernote, in an interview I did for Netzpiloten (here is the translated German version of the interview). Read more